Section One: Introduction:
The SAY platform is a platform that creates a safe environment that provides opportunities for learning, exchanging experiences, and expressing opinions by providing spaces for dialogue and spaces to participate in opinion polls. To achieve this, say platform provides youth in volunteer teams with opportunities to attend specific training, in addition to providing scientific content through distinguished research papers. All this in order to enhance knowledge and practical practices among Syrian youth.

The second section: the identity of the platform.
Vision: A Free, Responsible, and Participative Society
Values: Freedom, Responsibility, Citizenship, Inclusiveness
The Mission: A youth platform that seeks to enhance citizenship by opening spaces for dialogue, participation in issues of public interest and contributing to decision-making
1) A safe space for dialogue to enhance community cohesion and respect the opinions of others
2) Building the strength of society to participate in public affairs issues and to participate freely in decision-making
3) Promote the spirit of responsibility and citizenship among Syrian youth
4) Empowering youth with tools for dialogue, decision-making, participation and opinion polls


Section Three: General Principles:
The SAY platform is based on key principles and pillars that all its members adopt in the form of practical practices:
1) Respecting and accepting others' opinions to achieve a safe environment for dialogue
2) Take responsibility and commitment to interact and participate widely on the platform.
3) Advance the public good over the private good.
4) Objectivity and impartiality while participating in dialogues and opinion polls, away from any partisanship or fanaticism.
5) Credibility in transmitting information and mentioning sources and references when publishing.

Section Four Memberships:
There are 3 types of memberships on the SAY platform
1) Individual membership: which is everyone who wants to interact and learn through the platform, and participate in the dialogues and opinion polls on the platform personally.
2) Team membership: It is for the Syrian teams that fill out the membership form, and in addition to the benefits of individual membership, they have the right to participate in other teams in making decisions on the platform, and to choose their representatives within the community development committees.
3) Committee membership: After the teams within a certain geographical area choose their representatives in the community development committees, the committee activates its membership on the platform, and the committee is responsible for managing collective / cooperative events and activities at the district level.


Section Five: Mechanism of Affiliation:
How to join a team:
• Any member on the platform can establish a team by entering the teams page and clicking on the "Start Now" button
• If a member wants to join any team, he can:
o Log in to the teams page
o Choose the team you want to join
o Click on the "Join the Team" button.
o The team will receive your request and will contact you from the team management
o Your application will be accepted according to the team criteria.

Mechanism for joining the committee:
Any team has the right to nominate its team leader to join the committee if there is a desire, and the mechanism is as follows:
1) The door for candidacy for committee membership is opened by the committee coordinator (the number of members available for candidacy is determined)
2) The teams click the "Join Committee" button
3) The committee coordinator receives all candidacy applications from the interested teams.
4) Those wishing to nominate must attend the "community organization" training as a basic criterion for membership in the committee.
5) If the number of those wishing to join is greater than the required number, the names will be put to vote by the teams on the committee's page
6) Members are added to the committee based on the voting results.

Section Six: Powers and Responsibilities (Rights and Duties)
First: Member:
1) A member has the right to attend all training sessions on the platform
2) A member has the right to benefit from all scientific and research materials
3) A member has the right to participate in all events and dialogue activities.
4) A member has the right to participate in opinion polls.
5) A member has the right to add publications, dialogues, opinion polls, and events.
6) A member has the right to apply for volunteering for any of the teams on the platform and join it after the approval of the team management.
1) Adhere to the rules of dialogue on the platform (general principles in the third section)
2) Contributing to spreading the culture of volunteer and community work and enhancing the spirit of social responsibility

Second: the volunteer team:
1) The team has the right to participate in writing posts.
2) The team is entitled to obtain grants from the platform, if available.
3) The team has the right to participate in all events and dialogue activities.
4) The team has the right to participate in opinion polls.
5) The team has the right to choose whoever he wants to represent in the Local Development Committee.
6) The team has the right to question the committee in the event that it implements the plans far from the opinion of the group.

1) Sharing governance information (bylaw, team coordinator selection mechanism, structure, policies ...)
2) Adhere to the rules of dialogue on the platform (general principles in the third section)
3) Participate in selecting their coordinator in the Local Development Committee.
4) Share information with their team members
5) Answer members' inquiries on the platform.
6) Seek to implement cooperative activities with other teams in the platform, if possible.

Third: Local Development Committee:
1) The committee has the right to represent the volunteer teams in the region in any public event.
2) The committee has the right to seek assistance from members from the platform or outside the platform
3) The committee has the right to organize dialogue events and cooperative activities at the district level.
4) The committee has the right to develop opinion polls on issues of concern to the region.

1) Commitment to impartiality and objectivity in managing dialogues and events on the platform
2) Providing information and answering inquiries about the teams in the region


Section Seven: Decisions on the platform:
1) Public opinion polls: they mean any general research poll on a public issue of concern to the street / the Syrian issue, and all members and teams on the platform have the right to express their views on any opinion poll and each member has one vote, and each team has one vote.
2) Special opinion polls: Polls directed directly to the teams or members present on the platform, and each team has the right to present with one vote, but the calculation of the weight of one vote varies from one team to another according to the following weighting criteria:
a. The team has an elected captain according to the official meeting minutes (two points)
b. The team has an agreed bylaw between team members (3 points)
c. The team achieves gender diversity - gender sensitive (2 points)
d. The team has a clear annual work plan (2 points)
e. The team interacts well on the stage (5 pts)
f. Team attendance to major exercises

Section VIII: Monitoring and follow-up
The following platform follows the following mechanism in monitoring work and accountability.
There are two levels of observation:
1) Public monitoring, whereby every member on the platform views all the platform's activities in a transparent manner, whether on the public pages or on the pages of the teams and committees.
2) Administrative control, through which the platform management team monitors the plans and monitors the implementation of activities, dialogue events and opinion polls.

Section IX: Transparency and Accountability
The platform management is keen to follow clear and transparent standards in managing the dialogues and opinion polls on the platform, and it always strives to fully share all information with all members.
With regard to accountability, every member has the right to submit a request for accountability to a team or committee by communicating with the platform's management. In the event that there is any desire to hold the platform management accountable, a group of members through committees or teams can direct an accountability request to manage the platform by directing an opinion poll to all teams on the issue of accountability and the participation of the platform’s management with the results of the survey.

Section Ten: Termination / Suspension of Membership
Membership in the platform is terminated or frozen if:
1) Violating the principles of the platform
2) If the number of team members is less than 3 people.

Section Eleven: The Legal Framework:
1) The platform does not bear any individual behavior of a member or team
2) No member or team on the platform has the right to make promises or receive donations in the name of the platform